Trusted By Over 12,000 Ladies To Solve Menopause Issues!

Danette Hall

Age: 47

Perfect For Ladies Who Can't Take Hormones

Because of health risks, I didn’t want to take any synthetic hormone replacement. So when I found out Wejoy Balance doesn’t contain any hormones and is natural, I decided to give it a go. I'm excited to share that I’m feeling lighter, more energetic and happier now!

Andrea Elliot

Age: 51

Eliminate My Concerns Of Side Effects

My biggest concern when it comes to supplements is undesirable side effects. After my doctor reassured me that Wejoy Balance is suitable for my health condition, I decided to give it a try. To my astonishment, Wejoy Balance got rid of my hot flashes. Not only that, I sleep better and deeper now! This is the best I've felt in years. Truly a game-changer!

Beverly Willams

Age: 54

Finally, A Menopause Supplement That I Can Trust!

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from Wejoy Balance when I first bought it.. Because I have tried so many menopause relief products out there in the market. But none of them worked. But with Wejoy Balance, I already noticed fewer hot flashes and mood swings!


Introducing Wejoy Balance:

The world's first Bi-Genic supplement designed to relieve hot flashes, combat menopausal weight gain, mood swings and insomnia!

"The menopause supplement that I recommend to my patients!"

Dr Taryn J. Taylor M.D

Benefits of Wejoy Balance:

What Our Users Are Saying:

Miley Samson

Within just 2 weeks, I stopped experiencing hot flashes and night sweats!

Before using Wejoy Balance, I was experiencing 6-8 hot flashes during the night and I could barely get any good sleep. After trying for 2 weeks, my hot flashes were completely gone! I feel lighter and happier! This product works wonders for me!

I still have one month left from my previous purchase, and today I ordered another 3 bottles.

Debbie Jacobs

I'm 52 this year and I've been going through menopause for a few years now. I was having a very bad time with hot flashes and night sweats. It was affecting my work and sleep as I was always tired.

I can't take HRT as my family has a history of breast cancer, I have tried all sorts of menopause treatments but nothing was working. Then someone at my workplace introduced me to wejoy balance and it was life-changing.

I can't believe I'm getting my life back after a few years of distress!

Jade M.

Ever since my menopause started, I’ve been searching for ways to help with the symptoms. I came across an article on Wejoy Balance and thought I’d give it a try.

After 3 weeks of taking Wejoy Balance, my night sweats stopped and I was able to sleep better! The best thing is, my husband recently commented on how much healthier I look, including my waistline.

This product is amazing! I'll definitely share it with all my friends.

Why Is It Difficult For Women
To Find The Perfect Solution?

#1: Not A Long-term Solution

Supplements only provide temporary relief, and the symptoms come back after a few weeks

#2: No Significant Results

No noticeable result after consuming different kind of menopause supplement for more than 3 months

#3: Side Effects

Many supplements contain soy, which may cause hormonal changes and lead to increased risk of health complications

The "Missing Link" to Solving Menopausal Problems

If The "Missing Link" Is NOT Fixed, You Can Continue To Experience:

Drenched In Sweat Even
In An Air-Conditioned Room

Feel Exhausted
But Unable To Sleep At Night

Sudden Increase In Weight
Despite Exercising More Often

Here's The Good News!
We Have The Perfect Solution

How Bi-Genic Balance Treats The Root Causes of Menopause:

By using a unique and perfectly-balanced blend of adaptogen and phytoestrogen, Bi-Genic Balance helps to target the 2 key hormones: Estrogen & Cortisol.

Once the Bi-Genic Balance is introduced, it can effectively reduce hot flashes, regulate mood swings and combat weight gain.

What's Inside Bi-Genic Balance?

Phytoestrogen -
The Estrogen Booster

Fenugreek extract, a type of Phytoestrogen that has been used in Asian medicine to treat a wide range of ailments for thousands of years.

Libifem®is the only Fenugreek extract approved by Health Canada Authority in 2020 to alleviate symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats.

In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial, women experienced 50% reduction in hot flashes and night sweats after consuming Libifem®

Unlike many menopause supplements, Bi-Genic Balance does not include soy isoflavones, which could potentially increase the risk of health complications.

Adaptogen -
The Cortisol Regulator

Ashwagandha extract (KSM-66), a type of Adaptogen that has been used in Eastern medicine for more than 2,500 years and can help the body maintain normal cortisol levels.

KSM-66 has the highest concentration and is absorbed more easily in the body compared to other Ashwagandha extracts in the market.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha is clinically proven and backed by 24 gold standard human clinical trials to:

  • Reduce unwanted cravings
  • Improve sleep quality and reduce fatigue
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Help enhance libido in women

Here’s What You'll Experience When Bi-Genic Balance Is Introduced To The Body:

Now, It’s Time To Take Back Full Control Of Your Life!

Introducing... Wejoy Balance

The world’s first menopause supplement with Bi-Genic Balance formula, specifically designed to support women's health naturally

What Defines Wejoy Balance?


100% Natural, Safe & Premium Ingredients To Enhance The Effects Of Bi-Genic Balance


100% Natural, Safe & Premium


Trademarked Fenugreek extract that contains saponins, which are clinically tested to reduce hot flashes and night sweats effectively


Trademarked Ashwagandha extract scientifically proven to reduce cortisol levels. It is also known to improve memory and focus


Contains Curcumin to alleviate menopause symptoms such as mood swings. Also, it helps to reduce inflammation and ease joint pain


Promotes proper hormone metabolism and maintains estrogen levels in the body to support healthy weight management


A natural herb used for centuries to treat symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and insomnia


Freshly picked from the purest green tea leaves to help the body burn calories faster. It's the main reason why most Japanese ladies are slimmer!


This patented technology allows the capsule to bypass the harsh stomach acids and promotes better absorption of nutrients into the body


Stringent Manufacturing Process To Ensure Highest Quality & Safety

Manufactured In A NSF, GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is NSF certified, which means it upholds the highest public health and safety standards to produce dietary supplement products.

Plus! It's Recommended By Doctor!


It Only Takes 2 Capsules
A Day To See Amazing Results For Yourself!

Start feeling a difference,
Start feeling like yourself again!

Imagine never having to wake up in the middle of the night sweating

Finally able to fit into that skinny jeans without changing diet or exercising more!

Feeling refreshed, well-rested and energized throughout the day

And receiving praises from family and friends on how confident you look!

Wejoy Balance Works Perfect
For Women Looking For:

#1: A Long-lasting Menopause Solution

Specially-formulated to ensure women enjoy lasting comfort and go through menopause with ease.

#2: See Noticeable Results

Many customers were amazed to see noticeable improvements in as little as 2 weeks!

#3: 100% Safe & Natural, with No Side Effects

Wejoy Balance is 100% soy-free to reduce side effects. We use natural, clinically-researched ingredients that are safe for consumption

Certified & Endorsed By Doctors

"Wejoy Balance Works For My Patients!

"In my many years of medical practice, I have evaluated many solutions such as bioidentical creams, estrogen patches and supplements

But I have never recommended any of them to my patients.

That all changed, however, when I saw firsthand the results that Wejoy Balance is delivering to women.

This is a product that I truly believe will help my patients to alleviate their symptoms."

Let Wejoy Balance Help YOU Today, Just Like How We've Helped Thousands Of Women Around The World!

Ever since my mum started having menopause, she was always tired. So I bought a bottle of Wejoy Balance for her to try, and her sleep quality improved. I'm glad she's feeling better. I'm planning to get another 6 bottles.

Krystal M.
// Verified Buyer

Wejoy balance has reduced my night sweats, my mood has improved, and I’ve dropped a few pounds without changing my diet. The effects took about 2 weeks to kick in. I’m glad I hung in there for the amazing results

Rachael S. // Verified Buyer

I saw good reviews about wejoy balance online and decided to give it a try. It worked so well for me. In fact, for the past 1 month, my hot flashes improved so much, and I'm sleeping like a baby! Now I feel energised every morning.

Melody N. // Verified Buyer

works so well for me. Best menopause supplement i have tried so far!

Jennifer R. // Verified Buyer

Bought 3 bottles. Great product!
Worth every penny.

Marilyn C. // Verified Buyer

If you have tried menopause products,
you'll know that this is a clear winner.

Claire W. // Verified Buyer

Now, Here's A Question:

How much is it worth to never have to experience the unwanted symptoms of menopause?

No more irritating hot flashes, menopause-belly and difficulty sleeping at night.

Imagine experiencing all these benefits for as little as $1.36 a day...

Think about it, even a cup of coffee can easily cost 3 times that amount

That’s why we want you to experience relief now by taking advantage of the huge discounts we’re offering today!

You can enjoy up to a massive 40% savings if you order Wejoy Balance today!

Here's The GOOD NEWS!

Get Wejoy MenoRecipes For FREE When You Purchase 3 Bottles Or More!

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Now, in addition to having the most effective menopause solution today, we want to make sure you get the most out of your new order of Wejoy Balance!

Did you know that what you eat in the morning can make a real difference when trying to manage the symptoms of menopause?

That’s why the ladies at Wejoy Health compiled our favorite breakfast recipes called MenoReceipes that complements Wejoy Balance perfectly.

Filling our diet with these delicious, nutrient-rich foods can effectively reduce the symptoms of menopause.

Plus, they help to reduce uncomfortable bloating and boost your energy, so you can start the day on a lighter and more energetic note!

And today, when you take advantage of our best deal, you are going to get this MenoRecipe package absolutely FREE!


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At Wejoy Health, Our Guarantee Is Simple

Feel A Difference, Or It's FREE!

  • If you're not thrilled with the way Wejoy Balance makes you feel, even on just your first day
  • If you're not thrilled with the way Wejoy Balance makes you feel, even on just your first day
  • If you're not satisfied with Wejoy Balance for any reason, we promise to offer you a full, prompt refund within the first 90 days of purchase! 

Will Wejoy Balance Work For You?

To accept our risk-free deal, place your order below!


Retail Price: $67
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Get Exactly What You Need To Support Pre and Post Menopause!

11 Core Health Benefits with Clinically-Researched Ingredients

#1Reduces Frequency of Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

Our unique blend of phytoestrogen and adaptogen help to reduce the frequency of hot flashes and night sweats.

#2Supports Healthy Weight Loss

With proper diet and plant-based ingredients, Wejoy Balance can aid with healthy weight management

#3Improves Sleep Quality & Mood

Contains natural sleep-inducing compounds which improves sleep quality

#4Relieves Stress & Anxiety

Contains adaptogens that are clinically-tested to support healthy stress levels by reducing cortisol levels

#5Improves Memory & Cognitive Function

Research shows ashwagandha is effective in enhancing both immediate and general memory for women.

#6Eases Hormonal Acne

DIM reduces acne breakouts due to hormonal changes

#7Improves Energy & Stamina

Clinically shown to boost athletic performance by increasing cardiorespiratory endurance.

#8 Promotes Libido For Women

Studies show that Libifem & KSM-66 can improve sexual function in healthy women.

#9 Supports Healthy Joints

Turmeric is known to be beneficial in promoting overall joint health and mobility.

#10Boosts Metabolism

Green tea extract contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which promotes metabolism for the body to burn calories faster.

#11Promotes Anti-aging Properties

By providing proper nourishment of antioxidants, Wejoy Balance helps to minimize free-radical damage to the body which reduces anti-aging

Achieve Symptoms-Free Menopause in 2 Capsules

For best results, take 1 serving of 2 capsules in the morning , with food

At Wejoy Health™ we’re dedicated to helping women achieve healthier and happier lives

Need some clarifications before
investing in Wejoy Balance? 
 Here are the most common questions we get and the answers to help you out 


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