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1. Do you feel tired no matter how much you sleep?

2. Do you need at least 2 cups of coffee daily to function?

3. Do you feel that energy supplements don’t work for you?

4. Do you experience pain in your upper back or neck?

5. Do you always experience food coma after lunch?

6. Do you feel the need to eat or snack frequently?

If you answer yes to more than 3 questions, then you are most likely stuck in a Chronic Fatigue Cycle or CFC for short.


It is the reason why no matter how much sleep you get, you still feel tired.

It’s also the same reason why you lack the motivation to do the things you love.

Here’s the thing, studies have shown by the time we reach 40, women are four times more likely to suffer from Chronic Fatigue Cycle.

And it’s not surprising because our customers who are mainly above 40s are experiencing Chronic Fatigue Cycle too.

Thus, as a valued customer, we urge you to pay close attention to this message.

3 Core Reasons Why You're Feeling Tired All The Time!

When we reach above 40, there are three areas that contribute to Chronic Fatigue Cycle:

Poorer Blood Circulation

Healthy blood circulation is vital in carrying nutrients to produce energy in our cells. Poor blood circulation leads to less energy being produced.

This is why there’s no surprise you have trouble staying awake even after a full night's sleep. Not only that, poor blood circulation will also lead to cold limbs, muscle cramps and numbness easily.

Lesser Energy Production

Your body produces lesser Mitochondria (the power plant for your cells). These “power plants” convert the food we eat into energy.

In other words, when there are less Mitochondria, your body creates less energy. This explains why even with a healthy diet and exercise, you are still feeling tired all the time.

Slower Absorption Rate

When our body isn't getting as much key nutrients from the food and supplements we intake, this again leads to lesser nutrients for the cells.

Which explains why most people don’t experience lasting results from supplements & health foods.

The Truth Is...

The longer you ignore these 3 key areas, the harder it takes to end the Chronic Fatigue Cycle.

That’s why we make it our top priority to share with you a simple solution to boost your energy levels & quickly get back the vitality you deserved!

But First, It’s Time To Throw Away Your Existing Energy Supplements!

Despite the availability of energy “solutions” in the market, most women are still:

  • Feeling tired in the morning even after sleeping the whole night
  • Drinking more than 2 cups of coffee just to last through the day
  • Lacking energy to do the things they love

Here’s How To Experience Daily Sustained Energy With The Ideal Supplement

The reason why most energy solutions don’t work is because they usually only address one area of the Chronic Fatigue Cycle.

Or they rely too much on caffeine, sugar & other stimulants which causes the mid-day crash and jitters.

Now, in order for an energy supplement to boost daily energy, it needs to tackle ALL 3 areas of the Chronic Fatigue Cycle!

  • Improving your blood circulation
  • Increasing energy production
  • Speeding up nutrient absorption rate all at the same time!

Once all of the 3 areas are solved, you will be able to experience a long-lasting surge of energy every single day!

That’s why we are proud to introduce our latest breakthrough that can help end the Chronic Fatigue Cycle today!

Introducing... WEJOY ENERGY ULTRA!

All-Natural Premium Blend To Boost Daily Energy Naturally And Effectively!

Improve Blood Circulation With L-Arginine

L-Arginine helps to stimulate the blood flow in your body.

This means the cells will be getting more oxygen and nutrients to produce energy. Finally, no more feeling sluggish in the middle of the day!

Enhance energy production with CoQ10

CoQ10 enhances the cell's energy production by producing more Mitochondria (the cells’ “power plants”), which leads to you experiencing a surge of energy without feeling the “crash”!

Triple Absorption Rate with Bioperine

Studies have shown by adding Bioperine, it triples the absorption rate of nutrients. In other words, you get to experience results at 3x the speed!

Now, in addition to these 3 essential ingredients, we also include a healthy mix of high-quality, nutrient-packed ingredients to restore your energy and vitality.

Simply put, by adding these ingredients, you can enjoy visible, better results in a shorter time!

Not only that, you can be confident that Wejoy Energy Ultra is 100% safe & natural!

Because it’s non-GMO and FREE of anything artificial or harmful, and all ingredients are independently tested for purity, potency, and safety.

Now you can be in your 40s, 50s or even 60s, yet still have the energy of a 30-year-old!

When this happens, your body will feel like it has received a new lease on life...

Finally having the energy to do the things you want

No longer finding yourself dragging through the day

Everyone will be amazed by how great you look!

Tried & Tested By Real Customers:

After 4 weeks, our customers felt:

✓ More energy to get through the day

✓ Less sluggish after meals

✓ More motivated to exercise

✓ Sharper thinking and brain energy

Plus, almost every single customer said their overall quality of life improved since trying Wejoy Energy Ultra!

We are excited to hear about their amazing results.

And we would love for you to be next!

Simply add Wejoy Energy Ultra to your order now for better health, greater confidence, and more youthful energy!

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Need More Proof?

Here Are Some Of The Most Recent Reviews:

Paula Grant

Verified Customer

“Product did exactly as advertised.  I feel much better in the morning and actually want to get things done during the day. In fact, thanks to the regained energy, I started hiking with my husband every week! Will be ordering again!"

Ellen Cooper

Verified Customer

“I rarely find “natural” energy-boosting supplements or remedies to be effective. WRONG! I've been using this product for just a few days now and I definitely feel more energised throughout the day. I can't wait to see the improvements in a long run!"

Karen Borelius

Verified Customer

“After taking it for the past week, I feel a vast improvement in my energy levels. Unlike coffee, it did not cause any jitters, which is really awesome! I will definitely continue to purchase this. I’ve even recommended it to friends!”

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Special Offer: $24.90

(Usual Price: $135.00)

*Please note that clicking the button will automatically add Wejoy Booster to your order and charge your card for $24.90. 


*Please note that this is the only chance to take advantage of this special offer

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