Stop Believing These 3 Menopause Myths & Here's What You Should Do Instead! 

I  was constantly dealing with insomnia, weight gain, night sweats, joint pain… once I turned 50.

I asked everyone around me for help, read lots of articles on menopause, tried everything the doctors recommended.

Still, nothing was working.

I was exhausted and discouraged because I couldn't believe there was nothing that could help me.

And I have slowly come to accept that this was how my life was going to be like”

- Roxanna, California

Roxanna is not alone…

According to most doctors, women usually experience menopause symptoms for at least 7-9 years.

Way too long to just “grin and bear” it.

Without question, menopause can be a long, bumpy ride that puts our daily comfort, relationships, intimacy and health to the test for years.

So if you've ever felt insecure, self-conscious, or just plain frustrated with your menopause symptoms or your body...

Just know that there's thousands of us just like you going through the same struggles, the same embarrassment, and the same emotional pain.

That’s why in this article, we have listed down the three menopause myths that you need to know about as you make your way through this life transition.

Myth #1: I Have Not Reach Menopause Age Yet!

The average age when menopause starts is 51.

However, many women start to experience symptoms of the perimenopause in their 40s when their periods begin to change.

In fact, according to research, one in 100 women under 40 and one in 1,000 under 30 experience an early menopause.

Here’s the thing: Hormones can change at any age, so it is essential that all women know about potential symptoms so they can receive help and treatment early.

Menopause can start as early as 35 years old.

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Myth 2: Hot Flashes And Weight Gain Are The Only Symptoms Of Menopause

While it’s true that hot flashes, night sweats and weight gain are very common during menopause, but they don’t occur in every woman.

Some women will experience insomnia, mood swings or joint pain.

Take joint pain for example, Estrogen protects joints and reduces inflammation, but when estrogen levels drop during menopause, inflammation can increase, the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis can go up and the result can be painful joints.

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Myth #3: You Need to Take Hormones

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or estrogen medications are commonly recommended by Doctors to deal with menopause symptoms such as hot flashes.

.However, not everyone is suitable to take hormones, especially women who have a family history of breast cancer.

In addition, most people only know that the estrogen levels decrease during menopause.

But little did they know, menopause also results in an increase in cortisol levels in the brain.

High cortisol levels can lead to unexpected weight gain, insomnia and anxiety.

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Now, the question is, are there any solutions for women to go through menopause smoothly?

At Wejoy Health, we engaged experts to research natural solutions to target both Estrogen and Cortisol.

Fortunately after intense research and testing, we have developed a powerful natural remedy that has been clinically shown to support 5 of the worst symptoms of menopause:

1. Hot flashes and night sweats
Put an end to that creeping warming sensation and blushing, and the uncomfortable chills that follow.

2. Joint & Hip pain
Say goodbye to aching hips and painful joints that are caused by menopause.

3. Uncontrollable Weight Gain
Manage weight naturally without any strict dieting or doing strenuous exercises.

4. Low Energy and Fatigue
Wejoy Balance helps to speed up metabolism and combat fatigue.

5. Poor Sleep Quality
Difficulty falling asleep and waking up at night will no longer be a challenge

Introducing... Wejoy Balance!

The world’s first menopause supplement with Bi-Genic Balance formula, designed to relieve hot flashes, combat weight gain and insomnia.

How Bi-Genic Balance Treats The Root Causes of Menopause:

By using a unique and perfectly-balanced blend of adaptogen and phytoestrogen, Bi-Genic Balance helps to target the 2 key hormones: Estrogen & Cortisol.

Once the Bi-Genic Balance is introduced, it can effectively reduce hot flashes, regulate mood swings and combat weight gain.

Wejoy Balance is ideal for different stages of menopause.

And it has already worked for over 12,500 ladies and counting.
Here's why.

Based on numerous scientific research, Wejoy Balance is proven to help:

#1: Reduce hot flashes & night sweats
#2: Support healthy weight management
#3: Regulate sleep quality & mood
#4: Relieve stress & anxiety
#5: Improve memory
#6: Ease hormonal acne
#7: Improve energy
#8: Support healthy joints
#9: Boost metabolism

And so much more!

Check out what other ladies have to say about Wejoy Balance:

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And be prepared to fully experience ALL the remarkable benefits that Wejoy Balance can provide!

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