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Wejoy Better Slim | Thermogenic Probiotics For Weight Loss
Wejoy Better Slim | Thermogenic Probiotics For Weight Loss
Wejoy Better Slim | Thermogenic Probiotics For Weight Loss
Wejoy Better Slim | Thermogenic Probiotics For Weight Loss
Wejoy Better Slim | Thermogenic Probiotics For Weight Loss
Wejoy Better Slim | Thermogenic Probiotics For Weight Loss
Wejoy Better Slim | Thermogenic Probiotics For Weight Loss

Wejoy Better Slim | Thermogenic Probiotics For Weight Loss

Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 79 reviews
  • Promote Healthy Weight Loss
  • Reduce Unwanted Cravings
  • Reduce Bloating
  • Improve Overall Gut Health
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Health Benefits

Eliminate Cravings, Reduce Bloatedness, Burn Stubborn Fat
In Just 30 Seconds Every Morning!

All without you:

Giving up on your favorite foods

Enduring long, tiring exercises

Trying weird diets

Real Reason On
Bloating, Weight Gain and Cravings After 40s

Ever wondered why you feel that your stomach gets gassy, bloated and stuffed more often nowadays?

Do you feel like your belly is ballooning up so much that it sometimes makes you look pregnant?

And no matter how healthy or how little you eat, the bloat just can’t seem to go away?

Not only that, you feel lethargic and heavy all day round.

And no matter what remedies you try, nothing seems to be working...

Here's Why:

Here’s the thing, you’re not alone!

Because as women age, the way our body stores fat and digests food is different.

For example, our body produces more gas during digestion, causing uncomfortable bloating

And this is MAINLY due to the decline in Estrobolome level in her gut!

*Estrobolome level in our body declines as we age

Low Estrobolome is the key factor behind:

This is also why most women find it challenging to lose weight…

Despite eating and exercising the same way as they did in their 30s.

Thankfully, there’s a better way!

Introducing... Wejoy Better Slim

Warning: NOT All Probiotics Are Created Equal!

Based on our data-backed research and clinical studies…

 We have filtered out the 3 best probiotic strains that complement well together for the most effective result.

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probiotics -m .png__PID:caba443f-8826-49f9-8300-8cc2f60b0538

But, that’s not all!

To enhance effectiveness, we have also specially added 2 proprietary blends that work perfectly together with our Probiotics Complex Blend.

In other words, by adding these 2 blends, you get to enjoy the results in a shorter period of time!

Metabolism-Boosting Blend

Burn Fat While You Rest:

Thermogenic ingredients such as Grains Of Paradise amplifies your body’s fat burning processes. This allows your body to continue burning fat even while you are asleep!

Reduces Fat Storage:

Berberine is effective in turning deep-stored fat into energy. It plays a huge part in burning off the fat around your belly, hips, thighs, and arms.

Pro-Digestion Blend


Suppress Unwanted Cravings:

Studies show that adding ingredients such as African Mango promotes feeling of fullness and reduces the urge to binge eat. This makes losing weight a lot easier!

Supports Healthy Digestive System:

Prebiotics such as Jerusalem Artichoke Root helps to soothe digestion discomfort and improve overall gut health.

Plus, a healthy digestive system enables your body to get essential nutrients from food easier!

Check Out The Great Results From Our Beta-Testers! 

Check out the results they experienced without changing their diet or exercise routine.

* Survey result from 2,500 women aged between 40-60, at the end of the 6-week supplement trial

Why Wejoy Better Slim?

Wejoy Better Slim is the only supplement that focuses on balancing your Estrobolome level for healthy weight management, controlling your cravings and relieving bloating.

See the comparison table below:

Here's What To Expect When You Start Taking Wejoy Better Slim Today

Decrease In Bloating

Women who take Wejoy Better Slim experience a decrease in bloating within just 5-7 days.

This results to a visibly flatter stomach.

Reduction In Menopause Belly

The thermogenic probiotics and proprietary blend start taking effect. 

Start experiencing weight loss and lesser food cravings. 

Healthy Weight Loss 

Consistent intake ensures that the fat burning properties in our ingredient blend are amplified and retained.

Start enjoying a better figure and a healthier waistline.

Ingredient List

African Mango ExtractStudies have shown that supplementing with African mango promotes rapid fat burning.

BerberineClinically tested and proven to limit unwanted fat storage. Also plays a role in managing blood sugar levels.

Paradoxine™, Patented Grains of Paradise ExtractA highly sought-after trademarked ingredient that is known to accelerate the body’s fat burning properties without the need to exercise more.

Vitamin EVitamin E plays an essential role in improving overall health function

Jerusalem Artichoke RootPromotes digestive health by increasing good bacteria in your gut 

GlucomannanRelieves constipation. Reduce appetite by creating a sensation of fullness

Conjugated Linoleic AcidSupport healthy metabolism and reduce body fat percentage.

Suggested Use

For best results, take 1 serving of 2 capsules in the morning, with food or as directed by your physician.
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Wejoy Better Slim Is Perfect If You Are Looking For:

#1: A Solution To Feel Slimmer & Lighter!

Say goodbye to bloating, weight gain & cravings!

#2: Experience Noticeable Results

Many customers were amazed to see noticeable improvements in as little as 2 weeks!

#3: 100% Safe & Natural, with No Side Effects

All the products are 100% soy-free & hormone-free. We use natural, clinically researched ingredients that are safe for consumption

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