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The 2 Essential Probiotic Strains Your Body Needs To Start Losing Weight

by Wejoy Health Team
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The 2 Essential Probiotic Strains Your Body Needs To Start Losing Weight

It is common knowledge that many women start to gain weight around menopause. Hormones decreased muscle mass, and possibly some lifestyle changes are mainly to blame for this phenomenon.

When it concerns weight loss, there are numerous products on the market that claim to be the missing ingredient. It can be a challenge to sort through all of these claims and determine which products are truly worth investing in.

If you've done any weight-loss research, you have probably come across the term thermogenic.


What Are Thermogenics? 

Thermogenic Probiotics are strains of healthy bacteria that have been studied for their ability to reduce cravings, increase metabolism, handle calorie absorption, as well as break down fat cells. The more calories you burn, the faster your metabolism. Thermogenic probiotics contain ingredients that boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories.


How Do Thermogenic Probiotics Help In Weight Loss

Your gut already contains hundreds of microorganisms, the majority of which produce vital nutrients such as vitamin K and B vitamins. They also aid in the breakdown of fiber that your body is unable to digest.

When you add even more microorganisms to your body with help from probiotic strains, it helps even more. Here's how probiotic might aid in weight loss.


1. Reduces Appetite As Well As Absorption Of Fat

According to research, thermogenic probiotics may influence fatty acid function as well as suppress appetite. Probiotics, in general, may stimulate the production of appetite-suppressing hormones such as peptide YY. Higher levels of such hormones may allow you to burn calories and also fat more easily.

Certain menopause supplements may also reduce fat absorption from food while increasing the amount of fat which exits your body. Bacterial strains such as acidophilus appear to function in this way.


2. Controlling Weight Imbalance

 Women going through menopause women frequently notice an increase in fat just above the waistline, as well as feelings of bloating. Ingesting probiotics for weight loss helps to reduce belly bloat by lowering the number of calories absorbed by the body from food. Probiotics also assist digestion in more effectively processing sugars and nutrients, assisting women in managing weight imbalance during menopause.


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3. Reduces The Chances Of Inflammation And Obesity

Taking probiotics for weight loss may reduce the risk of obesity by increasing levels of fat-regulating proteins. Increased protein levels will sometimes help your body to store less fat. Inflammation is also strongly linked to obesity. Furthermore, research shows that probiotics could reduce inflammation as well as your risk of developing weight gain and other health conditions by enhancing the health of the gut lining. Since inflammation has been linked to issues such as diarrhea, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome, probiotics are thought to help in healthy digestion.


4. Changing Metabolism

The way your gut bacteria convert primary bile acids to secondary bile acids impacts your metabolism by stimulating the farnesoid X receptor, which regulates fat in the liver and blood sugar balance. Additionally, activation of bile acid receptors has been shown to boost metabolism in brown adipose body tissue (fat that burns fat).


5. Probiotics Can Help Improve Your Gut Health

According to research, gut bacteria may play a significant role in your body weight regulation. Probiotics can aid in weight loss by helping to improve gut health. An unhealthy digestive system causes an imbalance of gut microbes, which may contribute to weight gain, according to research. Thermogenic probiotics have the potential to reduce anxiety while also calming gut inflammation, which could help to control the cravings for high-calorie unhealthy foods. 


Why Breve And Acidophilus Are The Best Probiotic Strains For Weight Loss?

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Your body's healthy gut bacteria decreases as you reach your forties. As a result, you experience uncontrollable weight gain, bloating, as well as cravings.

In a recent ​​randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, participants who took Breve probiotics experienced significant reducing effects on body fat.

And according to clinical trials, Acidophilus probiotics is tested to help with stomach bloating. This is why it’s highly recommended to take Acidophilus when you are experiencing stomach upset.



Many women struggle to maintain healthy body weight, particularly during the menopause transition. Probiotics for weight loss can improve your gut health and immunity, assist you to absorb a lot more energy from your food, and also promote natural weight loss.

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by Wejoy Health Team



Wejoy Balance has worked great controlling my hot flashes. I started taking Wejoy Active and Wejoy slim hoping I would start loosing weight, sleeping better and have more energy. I have been taking them for about a month and I only notice I don’t crave food . . No weight loss, energy and still have insomnia.

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